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In 2019 my wife Andie and I retired to Northeast Tennessee. The goal was to find a small town, enjoy the people and raise some cattle. We've been blessed by having great neighbors and making new friends. We bought our first cattle in 2020, our pet longhorns Hank,Tag and Tank. Later in the year we bought our girls that became the base for our small herd of Angus. Over time we decided we could produce better beef for ourselves, and our neighbors, than what was available in stores. It is important to us to know the history of every animal we source. They're raised on our farm or come from our neighbors farms, all within five miles of us. They live in a stress free environment, never receive hormones, and enjoy fresh grass, and water. Andie occasionally sneaks them apples, pears and bananas for a treat. When our beef is ready to be harvested we move them to the area where we hold them for 60-80 days and hand feed them our special blend of grain.

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